Second share offer 2014 – 2015

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Our 2nd community shares offer aims far higher than the first. We want to raise £500,000 to put solar on 120 homes at no cost to the householder. We will put at least 50% of the solar on the homes of people who are in fuel poverty.

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Lockleaze – One year on

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A year after we installed the first solar panels in Lockleaze, we asked our members how they were getting on with it. Watch the video to see what they had to say.

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Free solar for Filwood and Knowle

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Seeking 25 roofs to fit solar for free

You lease your roof at a peppercorn rate to Bristol Power Co-op (of which you become a member). This allows the co-op to raise finance to instal solar panels at no cost to you. The panels generate free energy from the sun and you benefit from reduced electricity bills.

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BRISTOL ENERGY EXPO – Get together to feel the warmth!


Bristol Energy Network (BEN) is holding an exhibition about renewable energy at Hamilton House Co-exist Gallery.

We will be there during the day 10am to 5pm, from Monday 13th January through to Friday 24th January 2013. We’re also holding an late opening on Wednesday 22nd January 2013.

Come meet us and other local energy movers-and-shakers and take control of your fuel bills!

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Community loan funds Bristol Power Co-op to install free solar

Last December, Bristol Power Co-op received a community loan of £100,000 from Pure Leapfrog. The news was reported including by Bristol Post and Solar Power Portal. It is Pure Leapfrog’s biggest community award so far. Bristol Power Co-op, which puts

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New solar target by 2020

The Solar UK Conference and Industry Awards is calling for a new UK target of 20Gw by 2020. In April 2013, the UK’s demand for solar exceeded 22.4 Gw. That is equivalent to 30% of all the UK’s electricity demand

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Tax rebate for Bristol Power share investors confirmed by HMRC

We have now received formal written confirmation from HMRC - view HMRC confirmation letter (PDF 61KB) that Bristol Power Co-op’s share offer will comply with the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) requirements. Once we have reached our

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